Top 7 Blacksmithing Classes In New Jersey (Updated)

Top 7 Blacksmithing Classes In New Jersey (Updated In 2024)

In New Jersey, there are quite a few blacksmithing schools. I know how daunting it could be to choose the best one. Luckily, I’ve had this chance to research more about these schools and narrow the list for you.

Based on my recent research, the list of the best blacksmithing classes in New Jersey includes Peters Valley School of Crafts, Historic Cold Spring Village, The Historic Village at Allaire, New Jersey Blacksmith’s Association, Princeton Blacksmiths, Rober Frieber, Artist in Iron, and Theo Rock Nazz. Let’s learn more about them.

Top 7 Blacksmithing Classes In New Jersey

Here is a more detailed list of the schools that provide the best New Jersey blacksmithing classes:

01. Peters Valley School of Craft

  • Location: 19 Kuhn Rd. Layton, NJ 07851
  • Type: Blacksmithing, Bladesmithing
  • Time: 9 am to 5 pm each day
  • Cost: $320 (for teens), $425 (for adult beginners), and $770 (for Advanced Beginners)
  • Instructors: Anna Koplik, Nate Weiss, Wayne Apgar, Sean Fitzsimmons, and Mace Vitale
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (973) 948-5200
  • Number of participants: 6 to 12 students
  • Restrictions: Alcohol and drug use (including marijuana) is prohibited on the school grounds while students are working. Pets are also not allowed.
Peters Valley School of Craft

Peters Valley School of Crafts is a non-profit organization founded in 1970 with fewer than 5 million dollars in revenue. They aim to enrich the lives of individuals through arts and crafts.

According to Guidestar, Peters Valley School of Crafts offer over 125 courses in ceramics, bladesmithing, and blacksmithing, among others. For students of all skill levels, the school provides a variety of blacksmithing and bladesmithing classes. I suggest enrolling in metalsmithing classes for those new to the craft.// Classes In Ohio //

Beginner bladesmithing students learn to make kitchen knives with blades ranging from six to eight inches. Beginning blacksmithing techniques include tapering, bending, fullering, and punching.

Other Peters Valley seminars will teach you the skills you need to complete specific activities. Viking swords, forged sculptures, culinary utensils, Bowie knives, and other items are among the creations.

Most reviews on Peters Valley School of Crafts on their classes are positive, and they include:

  • Easy access to materials needed.
  • You get to connect with nature and access 38 historic structures.
  • You will meet great, creative people.
  • You get to hone your blacksmithing skills.
  • I have to recommend trying out their delicious, wholesome food.

Just like every good thing, there are cons too, and they include:

  • The buildings are a little bit run down and are only partially accessible

02. Historic Cold Spring Village

  • Location: 720 US 9 Cape May, NJ 08204
  • Type: Blacksmithing
  • Time: 10 am to 4 pm on weekdays
  • Cost: Call for cost information
  • Instructors: Adam Howard
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (609) 898-2300
  • Number of participants: 10 to 12 participants
  • Restrictions: You need to wear a mask to enter the building
Historic Cold Spring Village

The Historic Cold Spring Village (HCSV) is a museum that teaches visitors about early American history. Historic preservation, community education, and tourism are among the HCSV’s operations.

The school at Historic Cold Spring Village offers traditional handicraft workshops for people of all ages. Beginner-level blacksmithing classes in NJ are held all year and are open to people of all ages.

I suggest you contact Historic Cold Spring Village directly at their website or by phone for information on upcoming class dates and prices. Students participating in the classes have given positive reviews like:

The negative downfall to the Historic Cold Spring Village is that:

  • They are not always open.

03. The Historic Village at Allaire

  • Location: 4263 Atlantic Ave. Farmingdale, NJ 07727
  • Type: Blacksmithing
  • Time: 10 am to 4 pm on weekdays
  • Cost: Members’ price is $25
  • Instructors: Inquire directly by calling
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (732) 919-8500
  • Number of participants: Small group
  • Restrictions: Alcohol and drugs are not permitted
The Historic Village at Allaire

The Historic Village at Allaire is one of New Jersey’s best history museums.  James P. Allaire bought the museum on the premises of an iron-producing industrial town in the nineteenth century.

The blacksmith shop from the 1830s at Allaire’s Historical Village is still in operation. I recommend observing the local blacksmith as he creates various historically realistic things. // Classes In Bay Area //

Its positive reviews include:

  • The blacksmith shop has a moveable wooden wedge to allow wheelchair access through the front.
  • You can observe blacksmithing up close before attempting it.

The only con to it is that:

  • You have to be a member first to join their classes.

04. New Jersey Blacksmith’s Association

  • Location: Different locations across New Jersey
  • Type: Bladesmithing, Blacksmithing
  • Time: Varying time
  • Cost: Contact for specific prices for events
  • Instructors: Jonathan Nedbor, Mark Morrow
  • Website:
  • Telephone: Contact them on their Facebook page
  • Number of participants: Not specified
  • Restrictions: Have a mask to be able to enter
New Jersey Blacksmith’s Association

The New Jersey Blacksmiths Association is a non-profit organization that brings blacksmiths and bladesmiths from across the state together. The Association is an ABANA affiliate that provides its members with unique opportunities.

Monthly meetings, a newsletter, and regular demonstrations are all part of membership. Workshop tours are occasionally available. // Classes In NYC //

Their positive reviews include:

  • They are concerned with preserving blacksmithing in the state’s living history museums.
  • If you want to educate others about the history of blacksmithing, it is a worthwhile cause to support.

The negative downfall of this organization is that:

  • They do not have a direct telephone line.

05. Princeton Blacksmiths

Princeton Blacksmiths

Princeton Blacksmiths is a student organization housed within the Princeton Institute for Materials Science and Technology. If you are a Princeton University student interested in blacksmithing, I recommend you get in touch with them as soon as possible. // Classes In Vermont //

Meetings include open-forge time for people of varying skill levels, including beginners. There are several perks to joining them, including:

  • You get to have access to fantastic professional blacksmiths to guide you.
  • There is occasional tutoring from skilled blacksmiths from New Jersey Blacksmith’s Association.

The only downside to this is that:

  • It is basically for Princeton students only.

06. Robert Frieber Artist In Iron

  • Location: 4 Wildwood Road, Califon, NJ 07830
  • Type: Blacksmithing
  • Time: Depending on the agreed schedule
  • Cost: Call to inquire
  • Instructors: Inquire directly by calling
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (908) 439-3506.
  • Number of participants: Not specific
  • Restrictions: Alcohol and drugs are not permitted
Robert Frieber Artist In Iron

Robert Frieber, Artist In Iron, was founded by Robert Frieber in 1994 after he quit working thread.

The blacksmithing school assists you in the creation of beautiful decorative wrought iron and bronze custom work. Besides, furniture, gates, grillework, hardware, lighting fixtures, magnificent locks, railings, weather vanes, and reproductions are all available. // Classes In California //

There are barely any reviews on Robert Frieber, but one thing

  • They take pride in maintaining the handmade nature of each work.

However, with this comes a con:

  • There are no guarantees that they will allocate you a class.

07. Theo Rock Nazz

  • Location: 34 34th  St. Brooklyn, NY, 11232 (No set location in New Jersey)
  • Type: Blacksmithing
  • Time: 1 pm to 5 pm and 6 pm to 10 pm
  • Cost: Price ranges from $75 – $3600
  • Instructors: Theo Nazz, Justin Kirck, Stephanie Aiuto, Devon James, Tahoma Hauptman, and Tara Coury
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (732) 919-8500
  • Number of participants: Small group
  • Restrictions: Alcohol and drugs are not permitted
Theo Rock Nazz

Theo Rock Nazz is a blacksmith school founded by Theodore Nazz. The classes teach you everything you need to know about blacksmithing, whether you are an entry-level blacksmith or an expert. They also provide adequate room and resources to ease your learning process.

Students who have attended their classes agree that the best thing about Theo Rack Nazz is that:

  • The instructors are great blacksmiths and outstanding teachers.
  • They provide tutoring to your location if you want.

The downsides to it are:

  • Some blacksmithing courses are pretty costly.
  • They do not have a set physical location in New Jersey.


I hope this has made finding blacksmithing classes in NJ much easier for you. Choose the right school depending on your needs, your blacksmithing level, and their proximity to your current location.

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