What’s up, metalsmithing enthusiasts? My name is Jack Kenworthy.

I am a smithing professional currently residing in California. Much of my time has been spent in my little workshop and smithing gallery. 

In my profession, I spend my days working on different types of metal, smiths, welding, and creating various industrial and everyday metal items.

Jack Kenworthy

My experience in smithing taught me important lessons. One of these lessons is that smithing requires the right tools, guides, advice, reviews, and practice with an expert person. 

Unfortunately, the smithing tools market today is full of low-level and ineffective tools that could be troublesome for beginner smiths. That’s why I started sharing my personal experiences, ideas, advice, reviews, buying guides, product recommendations, and all other important information at flaminglife.com.

I often try to test my product suggestions to ensure that they are of high quality, affordable, durable, safe, and easy to use. So I hope you’ll take real help from flaminglife.com, and I would like you to let me know your feedback on my contact page

Have a nice day!